Heroin Alert: To Help Save Lives

We want to help save lives here at Heroin Alert. We have all heard the stories in our communities; about the young person down the street whose kid brother found her laying on the bathroom floor with a needle in her arm. Every story is a little different.

I remember the day I found out that our grandson’s father was found dead in his kitchen – also with a needle still in his arm. Evidently his death was quick. Unfortunately in this case, his other small children were the ones who found him. They will be traumatized for life, and we worry about them now. At the funeral, one of the children was non-verbal, and would not acknowledge any person there.

We worry. Will they try drugs? Will they see themselves as victims? Will they get help as they try to come to grips with what happened to their father?

I will not know, because shortly after their father’s death, they were sent back to live with their mother (who is also an opiate addict), in a distant city.

During a conversation with a drug task force officer, I asked how we have gotten to this dark place, and why with heroin? She answered that she had no real answers. Neither do I. We talked about how easy it is for people to get heroin – or more likely these days, fentanyl. We teared up as we talked about my grandson’s father; but the tears spilled over when we talked about his other two children – the ones who found him. “They need some stable adults in their lives,” she said, looking at me hopefully.

As my tears flowed down my cheeks, I said, “I agree. But they are already heading downstate to live with their mother.”

Again, I don’t know what will happen to those children. I do know that more and more, I am having difficulty finding a person whose life has not been somehow affected by heroin.

Let’s talk about this. Let us work together to understand and try to find a way to save a life.